Frederick Lenz - Computer Science
Rama and VayuFrederick Lenz is a senior systems architect
and software designer who has created a wide range of software products. He is currently active in the introduction of educational, client/server, networking, medical, banking, trading systems, encryption, Internet and Intranet software.

He has participated in the startup and sale of several software companies including what is now known as Magic Software, Inc. He is also the creator of AutoSys, a computer scheduling product which has become one of Platinum Technology's most successful acquisitions.

FINANCIAL credit scoring and cross-market analyzer software to assist banks with analyzing loan applicants and determining which of their banking products would be most marketable to customers.

An EDUCATIONAL, self-paced, algebraic teaching program which was recently sold to a major educational software distribution company. In addition, he has been involved in developing a detailed, interactive, graphics version of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of philosophy.

A NETWORKING ARCHITECTURE & METHODOLOGY software company, owned by Dr. Lenz, markets a unique client/server and network design tool with embedded expert system and genetic algorithm functionality.

Computers This revolutionary software has now been sold to over 700 major U.S. companies, as well as numerous government, military and non-profit organizations. The software's user-friendly front-end facilitates estimating, reporting, project task development, cost tracking and product research. Future releases will focus on advanced, enterprise-wide networking procedures.

Dr. Lenz is also involved in the HEALTH CARE industry, and provides medical office software which is now being used by over 1,000 medical professionals.

In another area of the health care industry, he has focused on Medical Prediction Software, used for business process forecasting.