Dr. Frederick Lenz - Interview
I understand that you have taught Buddhist meditation for over 25 years. Are you still doing that and what other kind of Buddhateaching do you do?

I have taken a hiatus from teaching Buddhist meditation for a time and have just returned to pure practice. Recently, in addition to writing my new book, working on a new album and several new software packages, I have been teaching a class in Shakespeare -- and sometime in the near future I will be supervising a number of computer science classes*. These classes -- which will be in Java, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and Oracle -- are designed for people who are already in the programming field and want to advance both their knowledge of computer science and their income levels at a more rapid pace.

Traditional computer science courses that are offered at most universities are extremely theoretical and don't necessarily Computer Sciencehave a lot of application to today's marketplace. So while they certainly provide a strong and important background for someone who wants to pursue a career in computer science, the universities usually don't offer a person courses in the latest technologies.

Hourly rates for consultants in Java, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and Oracle range from $35 an hour to over $200 an hour. So the goal of the courses that we will offer is to take a person who is in a 9-5 computer job, where they are probably Computer Sciencemaking about $55,000 a year, and move them into the $100-200,000 a year category as consultants, by teaching them what is currently hot in the market.

Another great advantage is that all of our courses are taught by people who are currently active in the industry, as opposed to people who are solely in academia.